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Global Relocation Training Services (GRTS) provides an avenue for real estate professionals to become certified in Corporate Relocation.  New Construction, Lake Shore Properties, First-Time Buyer Market and Senior Housing will be available soon.


In today's real estate market it is more important than ever before that real estate professionals understand the intricate details and requirements involved in corporate relocation transactions.  Global Relocation Training Services has four (4) corporate relocation training modules to provide the tools and training necessary for the Relocation Certified Real Estate Professional.


  • Home Marketing Assistance (HMA) -  Working with the Relocating Seller

  • Home Finding & Destination Services (HFDS) - Working with the Relocating Buyer

  • Corporate Inventory (CINV) - Working with Corporate Inventory Properties

  • Relocation Reports (RRPT) - Accurately completing common required Relocation Reports (Seller)


The relocation industry is constantly evolving and Global Relocation Training Services prides itself on delivering the most up-to-date relocation training in the industry.  Many Corporations, Relocation Companies and Real Estate Brokers require their qualified real estate professionals who conduct relocation transactions to maintain certification on an annual basis.


Upon request, Global Relocation Training Services is able to confirm active certification for Corporations and Relocation Management Companies who require real estate professionals working with transferees/clients to possess an active relocation certification in the area they are providing service.



Global Relocation Training Services - Annual Relocation Certifications



Global Relocation Training Services Online Education for Real Estate Professionals
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