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Global Relocation Training Services Modules - Key to Success

Congratulations on your decision to expand your real estate business portfolio to include Corporate Relocation Referrals and a become member of the GRTS Referral Network.  


Becoming a Global Relocation Training Services Relocation Certified real estate professional means expanded business opportunities for more referral business by qualifying for corporate relocation transactions and doing business with like-minded professionals who expect the highest level of service for their clients who are moving to a new destination and need to be connected with a GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professional.


Global Relocation Training Services offers Certification in the following areas:



  • Home Marketing Assistance (Sellers)

  • Home Finding & Destination Services (Buyers)

  • Relocation Reports  (Sellers)

  • Corporate Inventory  (Sellers)



Global Relocation Training Services Online Education for Real Estate Professionals
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