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The real estate industry tends to be in a constant state of flux.  Global Relocation Training Services is the industry leader in online training and certfication for real estate professionals working with relocating clients.  Whether you specialize in corporate relocation or the occassional client relocating across the country, county or outside of your area, Global Relocation Training Services & Referral Network is your one-stop shop for online training, certification and referral placement.


FAQ's for Corporations, Real Estate Professionals & Buyers/Sellers

Corporations partner with Global Relocation Training Services to enhance employee benefit packages.
HR Directors & Benefits Coordinators

Global Relocation Training Services (GRTS) works with HR-Directors, Benefit Coordinators, Relocation Management Companies, Relocation Counselors and Relocation Directors to ensure the employee/transferee is working with a GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professional who holds a valid certification in the areas they are providing relocation real estate services.


GRTS partners with Corporations, Relocation Companies and Third-Party Administrators as a free service to them.  We will help you customize and taylor your requirements and benefits package when it comes to training the real estate professional and providing GRTS Relocation Certifications.  Contact GRTS today to learn more.


Find a Relocation Certified Real Estate Professional
HELP! I am a buyer or seller and need to find a Certified real estate professional to help me.

Global Relocation Training Sevices & Referral Network can help YOU!  If you are looking to buy a home, sell a home or invest in real estate - even locally, we will help connect you with a GRTS Certified real estate professional that best fit YOUR needs, who possess the qualifications, training and certifications you desire.


If you have concerns about finding the right real estate agent and ensuring they are a GRTS Certified real estate professional in the category/categories you seek, placing a referral is easy.  Just follow the simple steps on the "Place-A-Referral" page and the GRTS Referral Network will work with you to find the right agent for YOU who holds a current GRTS certification in the categories you are looking for. 


Global Relocation Training Services requires our Referral Network members to maintain certification on an annaul basis so they are trained & up-to-date on the latest relocation requirements and industry trends.  

Refer your real estate client and earn a referral fee


Do I have to be GRTS Certified to place a referral & recieve a referral fee?

GRTS Referral Network is for anyone & everyone to place a real estate referral anywhere in the world.  You DO NOT need to be a GRTS certified real estate professional to place a referral.  In fact, you do not even need a real estate license to place a referral.  Just follow the steps on the "Place-A-Referral" page.  We will connect you with a GRTS Certified real estate professional


In order to receive a referral fee, you MUST be a licensed real estate agent or broker.  In order to receive a referral from the GRTS Referral Network, you must hold a valid GRTS Relocation Certification in the area specified by the agent placing the referral.

Grow your real estate business by being a GRTS Referral Network Relocation Certified real estate professional
How do I grow my business with the GRTS Referral Network?

Growing your real estate business is easy through the Global Relocation Training Services Referral Network.  To become a GRTS Referral Network member, you must maintain annual certification in the categories you wish to receive referrals in.  


For example if you are interested in working with Sellers, you would complete the HMA & Relocation Reports module, for Buyers the HFDS module, etc.  The referring agent identifies the expectations when the referral is placed online.  From there, the GRTS Referral Network works to place the referral with a GRTS Certified real estate professional in the specified category. The GRTS Referral Network member earns a commission upon the successful closing on a transaction they likely would never have received otherwise.  In addition, the real estate professional who places the referral earns a referral fee.  It's that simple.


The next GRTS Referral could be your "Golden Egg". 

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