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Corporate Partnerships - Global Relocation Training Services is here to help.

Relocating Employees is Costly 

Require GRTS Certifications on all Real Estate Transactions

Global Relocation Training Services partners with corporations, relocation management companies and third-party administrators to provide online training and certification to their preferred broker and real estate professionals. 


Relocating a single employee can cost a corporation several thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands.  By partnering with Global Relocation Training Services and requiring that real estate professionals hold a current Global Relocation Training Services (GRTS) certification when working with your transferees, the transactions is more efficient, less costly and elevates the level of employee/transferee satisfaction.  


Global Relocation Training Services understands the importance in getting your valued employee to their destination promptly and a smooth real estate transaction is an essential component.  We strongly recommend that our Corporate Partners, Third-Party Admnistrators, Relocation Management Companies and Real Estate Brokers require that any real estate professional working with a transferee/employee, via a corporate relocation transaction, maintain a current Relocation Certificate in the four (4) corporate relocation categories.  Certifications are valid for one-year from the date issued.


The cost of a corporate relocation real estate transaction jeopardized by an uncertified real estate agent or professional can have lasting and devasating results for both the corporation and the transferee.   

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