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Global Relocation Training Services (GRTS) is the industry leader in online relocation training & certification. Our expertise goes beyond the real estate agent.  We offer a blueprint and coaching for the real estate brokerage who is         considering starting a relocation division and hiring designated relocation staff.  


Our corporate services division works closely with coroporations who transfer employees worldwide as well as
relocation companies and third-party administrators.  Global Relocation Training Services is the one-stop-shop when it comes to your corporate relocation training and certification needs.  

Global Relocation Training Services & Referral Network

Obtain your Relocation Certification through Global Relocation Training Services
For Real Estate Professionals 
Real Estate Agent


Expand your area of expertise and become a RELOCATION CERTIFIED real estate professional today.  Global Relocation Training Services offer four (4) training modules in Corporate Relocation (which also apply to non-corporate referrals):


  • Home Finding & Destinations Services (buyers)

  • Home Marketing Assistance (Sellers)

  • Relocation Reports (Sellers)

  • Corporate Inventory (Sellers with buy-outs)

Many Corporate Clients, Relocation Companies and Third-Party Administrators require that real estate professionals hold a current GRTS Relocation Certification when working with corporate transferees.  Certifications are renewed on an annual basis as the real estate market is constantly evolving as is the training and requirements.


Once the GRTS Relocation Certification is earned by the real estate professional, they become part of the Global Relocation Training Services (GRTS) Referral Network and qualify to receive referrals placed through the GRTS Referral Network. Referral fees are paid to the referring agent on each successfully closed transaction.  Referrals are easy to place.  To learn more, click here: PLACE-A-REFFERAL.  


Referrals are only placed with active GRTS Referral Network members.

Start a Relocation Division
For Real Estate Brokers/Brokerages


Global Relocation Training Services has developed the blueprint for real estate brokerage firms interested in starting a relocation division and taking the steps necessary to be a successful player in this highly competitive niche.


In most corporate relocation referral instances, the Corporate Client, Relocation Company or Third-Party Administrator require that relocation referrals are placed with a brokerage that has a Relocation Division and Relocation staff. Relocation referrals are placed with GRTS relocation professionals who hold current certifications in the category necessary to work with the corporate transferee.  


There are many detailed steps involved in starting a relocation division, hiring the right staff and becoming profitable. Having an on-site relocation division is not an easy decision for any real estate brokerage, large or small. It takes time, money and resources.


Global Relocation Training Services has developed a streamlined system to help you determine if implementing a relocation division will work for your brokerage. 


To learn more, contact Global Relocation Training Services today and begin helping your realtors grow their business.  

Require Relocation Agents to hold current Global Relocation Training Services Certificate in specific categories
For Relocation Companies


Corporate relocation involves a number of intricate components all operating efficiently and working together to ensure a smooth real estate transaction and extraordinary customer service from the real estate professional to the transferee and beyond.


Global Relocation Training Services partners with Corporate Clients, Relocation Management Companies and Third-Party Administrators who require that all real estate professionals who work with their Transferees and/or clients are GRTS Relocation Certified in the four (4) relocation modules offered.  We strongly recommend and many corporations and relocation management companies require that real estate professionals be required to renew their GRTS Relocation Certifications on an annual basis to ensure the utmost level of education and training when it comes to servicing a corporate transferee.


Global Relocation Training Services & Referral Network will also help connect you with GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals throughout the world.  


To learn more about partnering with Global Relocation Training Services and requiring your referral brokers/brokerage firms and real estate professionals to maintain active GRTS Relocation Certifications, contact us today.

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